Take risks and be a “Rogue One”

Hey guys it’s Liana again, and even though I said once a week I’m doing another one today! So today was a national holiday but our county didn’t get off! I thought “Well maybe the holiday isn’t that important and no one gets off,” but I was wrong. Every other county in our state got school off! Ugh! It was very unfair but my mom made me attend either way. Since I walk to and from school, I walked in the rain and got sopping wet! It was a very dreary day, and not many things happened at school, but I did laugh the whole day because of my best friend cracking jokes.

So over the winter break, I saw the new Star Wars movie: Rogue One. It was an amazingly filmed movie, and I loved it! But like all movies do, it taught me something. (Here we go again!) Jyn was my favorite character for many reasons. One of which being because she was a girl who wasn’t afraid to take charge and take risks! Also because she followed her gut the entire way. She believed when no one else did, and she did it when no one else could! It taught me that if you really believe in something, don’t be afraid to follow your heart and take some risks once in awhile! This movie and Sing were both really good nudges to helping me make this blog, and they were spectacular movies!

So that’s all for today, it was kind of short, but oh well. And as I mentioned, I will make blogs whenever I have free time because I love blogging; But I will always post at least ONCE a week, so look out for new blogs every week! Thanks for reading my blog!


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