A Dog’s Purpose- A Human’s Purpose too?

Hey guys I’m back with another post today! I just saw the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” and it was amazing! I know I keep doing a lot about movies but this was actually probably the saddest, deepest, most inspirational movie I’ve ever seen. No joke. I saw it with my really good friend Grace and we cried the whole movie.

Ok so one thing I got from the movie was that everything can get better. In one of his lives, it started out awful but it turned out to be the best! That just goes to show that if something’s bad, it will always turn out to be good eventually. Because nothing is forever. I got mad recently and I just thought, nope it’s not worth dwelling over. This bad thing won’t effect me in the long run, and everything will be good. And so I moved on and had a great rest of the day!

Another thing I got from the movie is that you have to live life to the fullest because every second counts. Life is too short to wait and you need to take every chance you get. I feel like people (especially in today’s society), take life for granted sometimes and are too busy focusing on the little things, that they don’t see the big opportunities right in front of them. So this movie really taught me that time is precious and you can’t wait around to express love, take chances, and find out who you are.

So thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you enjoyed it! I’m trying to keep up with blogs every week but I just started a bunch of after- school activities that are taking up a lot of time. But none the less, I will try my hardest to keep posting! Talk to you guys in my next blog!



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