Instagram Inspiration

Hey guys! So I know that it’s been a while but I’m back with another inspiration post! I know I do these a lot, but that’s because with my page I want to inspire as many people as physically possible. So today I’m going to talk about an Instagram page I stumbled upon.

Their username is @liveinthedetails, and I think that they are my personal favorite inspiration page on Instagram. They post quotes a couple times a week but always expand on the quote in the comments. They take time to write PARAGRAPHS of inspiration; expanding on the quote,  to all of their readers.

One of my favorite quotes and descriptions are: “The quickest way to heal a broken heart, sweet soul, is to remember how to love yourself.” Then the description “You wanted to be– and have– well, everything. And darling, you wanted to be everything because you believed in everything. You never told yourself it’s too late or you’ve had your chance or it won’t work out. No, you just simply believed. Maybe it was a little early to say you actually loved who you were– but you at least believed in that heart and how it would direct your footsteps in this life. The meandering roads you’ll walk will sometimes make you lose a bit of that. They let doubt and hesitation and fear creep into your heart. They will break you a little and they will break you a lot. But when those times come, you refocus that heart of yours. You remind yourself that there are lessons hidden in broken hearts. Little breaks or big breaks– they give you the opportunity to begin again. And to reassemble those beautiful parts of you in exactly the way you want to. And you’re going to see why it had to happen like this.” And that description is VERY edited, because it was too long to fit into this blog.

As you can see @liveinthedetails cares about every single one of her followers and many of the times I have commented on her quotes she has replied saying how she’s glad that it has helped me out. Whenever I’m down, somehow the writer of this page knows how I feel and makes me feel better. I don’t know how but it’s there for me when I need it the most. I promise this is not sponsored and that I just love this account!

See you in the next article of The Liana Life!

Edit- She saw my comment telling her to check this out and she said “wow! I am in awe that you did that!!! Thank you!”


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